AG Molekulare Neurobiologie

Zusammensetzung der Arbeitsgruppe

• Prof. Dr. Anja U. Bräuer
• Dipl.-Biol. Anne Gläser (PhD-Studentin)
• Robin Piecha

• Saskia Wernsdorf (Humanmedizindoktorandin)
• Anna-Maria Neßlauer (Humanmedizindoktorandin)
Pia Drews (Humanmedizindoktorandin)
Julian Burgard (Humanmedizindoktorand)

Forschungsprofil/Scientific profile

The bioactive lipid lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) is a lipid mediator with a wide variety of biological actions, particularly as an inducer of cell proliferation, migration and survival. The extracellular LPA effects are mediated through five distinct G protein coupled receptors (LPA1-5) and therefore activate multiple signal transduction pathways, including those initiated via the small GTPases Ras, Rho, and Rac . LPA signalling has been implicated in diverse processes, such as wound healing, brain development, vascular remodelling and tumour progression. Degradation of extracellular LPA is mediated by integral membrane lipid phosphate phosphatases (LPPs).

Apparative Ausstattung und Methodenspektrum

• Zellkultur
• Molekularbiologie
• Lipidbiochemie
• Proteinbiochemie
• Histologie


• Magnetische Nanopartikel: KFO 213: Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Cellular and Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Externer Link

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