Poster Preview


P1 Gögele C., Schulze-Tanzil G., Kokozidou M., Müller-Kühnle J., Billner M., Reichert B., Gäbel C., Bodenschatz K. Dresden and Nuremberg, Salzburg (Austria)
„Wound dressings affect vitality and adherence of juvenile and adult human fibroblasts in vitro in dependency of the test model“

P2 Keiler J., Schulze M., Pfensig S., Dohmen P., Wree A. Rostock
„Topographic mapping and structural characterization of neointimal lead encapsulations - a post mortem study in arrhythmia patients with implantable cardiac electronic devices“

Cell Biology

P3 Stoeckelhuber M., Feuerhake F., Schmitz C., Wolff K.-D., Kesting M. R. Munich and Hannover
„Immunolocalization of surfactant proteins SP-A, SP-B, SP-C, and SP-D in infantile labial glands and mucosa“

P4 Garreis F., Beckenbauer E., Schulte U., Schicht M., Paulsen F. Erlangen
„Impact of Psoriasin (S100A7) on VEGF-mediated Neovascularization of the Cornea“

P5 Kunke M., Rodriguez L. Z., Schwärzer G., Theilig F. Kiel
„MTORC1 regulates renal proximal tubular megalin function“

P6 Pierzynová A., Šrámek J., Kloučková J., Lindner J., Lipš M., Haluzík M., Kučera T. Praha (Czech Republic)
„CD68+ cells in myocardium, epicardial fat and subcutaneous fat in cardiovascular surgeryPATIENTS with metabolic disease“

P7 Zibolka J., Bazwinsky-Wutschke I., Mühlbauer E., Elmar Peschke E. Halle (Saale) and Leipzig
„Distribution and density of melatonin receptors in human main pancreatic islet cell types“

P8 Rückschloß U., Kleefeldt F., Ghavampour S., Bömmel H., Volland K., Paus A., Horst A., Pfeiffer V., Hübner S., Wagner N., Ergün S. Wuerzburg, Essen and Hamburg
„Endothelial barrier function is differentially regulated by CEACAM1-mediated signaling“

P9 Kleefeldt F., Eckner G., Upcin B., Allmanritter J., Bauer J., Bömmel H., Wörsdörfer P., Rückschloß U., Ergün S. Wuerzburg
„Vascular adventitia-derived macrophages are crucial regulators of new vessel formation by vascular wall-resident progenitors“

P10 Böttner M., Larionov A., Dahlke E., Magnin J.-L., Theilig F. Kiel, Fribourg (Switzerland)
„VHL deletion in renal proximal tubules of mice ameliorates hallmarks of diabetic nephropathy“

P11 Hiermaier M., Wanuske M.-T., Waschke J., Spindler V. Munich, Basel (Switzerland)
„The actin-binding protein adducin regulates Dsg3 trafficking, Dsg3-dependent adhesive functions and cell migration“

P12 Klymiuk M. C., Rymbekova A., Wolf-Hofmann K., Wenisch S., Arnhold S. Giessen
„Osteogenic differentiation of canine mesenchymal stem cells under addition of zinc“

P13 Heilen L. B., Klymiuk M. C., Lehner V., Heimann M., Arnhold S. Giessen, Antwerpen (Belgium)
„Is it possible to generate neuronal precursor cells from canine adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells (cAdMSCs) in liquor-enriched media?“

P14 Condurat A.-L., Pruszak J. Freiburg
„YAP/TAZ role in neural crest development and malignancy“

P15 Bazwinsky-Wutschke I., Zipprich A., Dehghani F. Halle (Saale)
„Daytime-dependent changes of cannabinoid receptor type 1 and type 2 expression in rat liver“

P16 Wanuske M.-T., Hiermaier M., Waschke J., Spindler V. Munich, Basel (Switzerland)
„Differential contributions of desmoplakin and plakoglobin to cell cohesion in keratinocytes“

P17 Balz N., Klymiuk M., Wenisch S., Arnhold S. Giessen
„Isolation and characterisation of exosomes derived from adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stem cell (AdMSCs) conditioned medium“

P18 Elsner C., Ergün S., Wagner N. Wuerzburg
„Ultrastructural analysis of biogenesis and release of endothelial extracellular vesicles“

P19 Schröder A., Bauer K., Spanier G., Proff P., Wolf M., Kirschneck C. Regensburg
„Expression kinetics of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts in the early phases of orthodontic tooth movement“

P20 Schröder A., Calvano Küchler E., Omori M., Spanier G., Proff P., Kirschneck C. Regensburg, São Paulo (Brasilia)
„Effects of ethanol on human periodontal ligament fibroblasts in a model of simulated orthodontic tooth movement“

P21 Brickwedde H., Hensel N., Walter L. M., Neunaber C., Tavassol F., Claus P. Hannover
„Bone-intrinsic dysregulation in Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)“

P22 Ruppert A.-L., Keshavarz M., Winterberg S., Meiners M., Hartmann P., Fleck K., Perniss A., Deckmann K., Liu S., Offermanns S., Krasteva-Christ G., Kummer W., Schütz B. Marburg/Lahn, Giessen, Bad Nauheim and Homburg
„Expression of bitter taste receptors and components of the taste transduction cascade is restricted to chemosensory cells in the mouse gall bladder“

P23 Perniss A., Bufe B., Keshavarz M., Rafiq A., Ruppert A.-L., Soultanova A., Krasteva-Christ G., Klein J., Wessler I., Zufall F., Schütz B., Kummer W. Giessen, Zweibrücken, Marburg/Lahn, Homburg, Frankfurt and Mainz
„Non-Neuronal Acetylcholine Released by Tracheal Solitary Chemosensory Cells Activates Mucocililary Clearance in the Murine Trachea“

P24 Hinrichs J. H., Nedvetsky P. I., Krahn M. P. Muenster
„The scaffolding protein PATJ regulates ciliogenesis and epithelial morphogenesis“

Developmental Biology

P25 Washausen S., Knabe W. Muenster
„Birds and mammals share patterns of developmental apoptosis in the posterior placodal area“

P26 Washausen S., Scheffel T., Brunnett G., Knabe W. Muenster, Neuruppin and Chemnitz
„Rhythmic patterns of neurulation-associated apoptosis in the spinal cord“

P27 Namm A., Arend A., Aunapuu M. Tartu (Estonia)
„Spatiotemporal Pattern of Pax6 and Pax7 Expression in the Developing Neural Tube of Human Embryos“

P28 Stofferin H., Hörmann R., Blumer M., Fritsch H. Innsbruck (Austria)
„Ossification of the Embryonal Human Spine“

P29 Elashry M. I., Eldaey A., Wenisch S., Arnhold S. Giessen
„Effect of low oxygen tension on the multipotency and the regenerative potential of rat tendon-derived stem cells“

P30 Reinke A., Frank M. Rostock
„Electron microscopic analysis of ciliogenesis in multiciliary cells of the tracheal epithelium in the chicken embryo“

P31 Püschel B., Viebahn C. Goettingen
„Core pluripotency factor Sox2 is not expressed in primordial germ cells of the rabbit“

Experimental Morphology

P32 Schneider J. P., Wrede C., Hegermann J., Ochs M., Mühlfeld C. Hannover
„Human alveolar epithelial type I cells reconstructed in 3D – more than simple squamous cells“

P33 Jütte D., Mühlfeld C., Schipke J. Hannover
„Differential effects of high-fat or high-sucrose diet on murine alveolar epithelial type II“

Gross Anatomy/Clinical Anatomy

P34 Claassen H., Schultka R. Halle (Saale)
„Anthropological investigations at 4 skulls of the Meckel-Family“

P35 Ortug G., Sipahi B., Ortug A., İIpsalali H. O. Istanbul (Turkey)
„Variations of digastric muscle and accessory bellies- a study of gross anatomic dissections and systematic review of literature“

P36 İpsalali H. O., Kocanali N., Ortug A., Ortug G. Istanbul (Turkey)
„Gross anatomical variations among and within the incisive foramen“

P37 Culvenor A., Hamler F., Kemnitz J., Wirth W., Eckstein F. Salzburg (Austria)
„Loss of muscle strength prior to knee replacement: a question of anatomical crosssectional area or specific-strength?“

P38  Shakya R., Kemnitz J., Culvenor A., Wirth W., Shresta R., Eckstein F. Salzburg (Austria), Kathmandu (Nepal)
„Age-related Reductions in Thigh Muscle Strength in Men and Women are Due to Loss in Muscle Mass, but not Loss in Muscle Quality“

P39 Wozniak S., Florjanski J., Kordecki H., Podhorska-Okolow M., Domagala Z. Wroclaw (Poland)
„The usefulness of sigmoid colon mesentery in fetal ultrasonography in normal pregnancy. A pilot study“

P40 Reissig L. F., Albrecht L., Quadelbauer S., Klikovics J., Weninger W. J., Kaipel M. Vienna and Güssing (Austria)
„Evaluation of soft tissue damage during minimal invasive hallux valgus surgery – an anatomical study“

P41 Fanghänel J., Proff P., Kirschneck C. Regensburg
„Morphofunctional relationship between the stomatognathic and the locomotory system“

P42 Nikityuk D.B., Klochkova S. V., Alexeeva N. T., Kvaratskheliya A. G. Moscow and Voronezh (Russia)
„The abnormality of lateral femoral cutaneous nerve of thigh positioning“

Immune Biology

P43 Oswald J., Büttner M., Jasinski-Bergner S., Rosenstock P., Jacobs R., Kielstein H. Halle (Saale) and Hannover
„Significant impact of leptin on the morhology and intra-cellular cofilin of Natural Killer cells“

P44 Kučera T., Pierzynová A., Kloučková J., Lindner J., Lipš M., Haluzík M. Praha (Czech Republic)
„Macrophage polarization and crown-like structures in the epicardial and subcutaneous fat of heart surgery patients“

P45 Rozsívalová K., Pierzynová A., Kloučková J., Lindner J., Lipš M., Haluzík M., Tomáš Kučera T. Praha (Czech Republic)
„The number of mast cells in epicardial adipose tissue is increased in cardiac surgery patients with coronary artery disease“


P46 Bath M., Polzer C., Horn F. Innsbruck (Austria)
„Evolution of the human organ systems“

P47 Link H., Kipp M. Munich
„Storing of primary antibodies for weeks in a pre-diluted formulation has no impact on staining quality“

P48 Kocanali N., Midi A., İpsalali H.O., Ortuğ G. Istanbul (Turkey)
„Anatomical Museums For All Ages Anatomy Education“

P49 Bork F., Stratmann L., Enßle S., Navab N., Waschke J., Kugelmann D. Munich
„The advantages of the interactive mixed reality ‘Magic Mirror‘ system as an additional tool for integrated radiology and gross anatomy education“

P50 Šrámek J., Pierzynová A., Kučera T. Praha (Czech Republic)
„Voronoi tesselation for quantification of the microvascular pattern in the histological section of the myocardium“

P51 Neugebauer A., Werner S., März M., Brunk I. Berlin
„Evaluation of students’ exam preparation strategies and the satisfaction of students’- and teachers’- with current anatomical testing strategies at the Charité- Universitaetsmedizin Berlin“

P52 Scholz M., Gaffling S., Paulsen F., Tillmann B. N. Erlangen and Kiel
„Volumetric reconstruction of digitized histological serial sections from a human fetal tissue sample“

P53 Kulisch C., Heuckendorf E., Langheinrich J., Vida I., Brunk I. Berlin
„Realization of the new Maternity Protection Law in the anatomical education of students of human medicine“

P54 Draga M., Safronjuk V., Scaal M. Cologne
„Double electroporation to target gene expression in two adjacent tissues in chicken embryos“

P55 Siegrist F., Artelt N., Ritter A., Tesch F., Grisk O., Schlüter R., Endlich K., Endlich N. Greifswald
„PEMP - the exact morphology quantification procedure of podocyte foot processes by super-resolution microscopy“

P56 Hansen K., Siegrist F., Endlich K., Endlich N. Greifswald
„Zebrafish - a model for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis“

P57 Stahnke T., Guthoff R.F., Stachs O., Wree A., Jünemann A., Grabow N., Lindner T., Polei S. Rostock
„Ultra high-field MRI determination of diffusion rates in human lenses of different ages“

P58 Barry C., Huigol K., Vilimas P., Haberberger R.V. Adelaide (Australia)
„Persistent hyper-innervation in the murine vagina in response to complete Freund’s adjuvant“

P59 Kopp F., Polei S., Falke K., Eickner T., Witt M., Stachs O., Guthoff R.F., Lindner T. Rostock
„Ultra high-field MR-Imaging of a biodegradable, subconjunctival drug delivery system - in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo examinations“

P60 Haderspeck J., Achberger K., Probst C., Rogal J., Chuchuy J., Haq W., Loskill P., Liebau S. Tuebingen and Stuttgart
„Examination of the photoreceptor - RPE interaction using the microphysiological Retina-ona-chip“

P61 Stachs O., Klose R., Lindner T., Streckenbach F., Stahnke T., Hadlich S., Kühn J., Guthoff R.F., Wree A., Neumann A., Frank M., Langner S. Rostock and Greifswald
„Noninvasive monitoring of embryonic chick eye development in ove using 7 Tesla MRI“

P62 Eulitz M., Plachta H., Geis B., Ehlers J. Witten
„Use and validation of an easy to integrate e-learning concept in medical education“

P63 Hammer C., Scholz M., Paulsen F., Burger P. Erlangen, Zuerich (Switzerland)
„Test anxiety among anatomy students“

P64 Schneller A., Klopries K., Doll S., Giesel F. L., Nawrotzki R., Kuner T., Paech D. Heidelberg
„Pearls and Pitfalls of post mortem computer tomography in teaching human gross anatomy“


P65 Nyamoya S., Leopold P., Becker B., Beyer C., Hustadt F., Schmitz C., Michel A., Kipp M. Aachen and Munich, Braine L’Alleud (Belgium)
„GPR17 expression in oligodendrocyte progenitor cells: Relevance for remyelination“

P66 Franz H., Villarreal A., Vogel T. Freiburg
„DOT1L and H3K79 methylation establish transmittable layer identity in progenitors of the cerebral cortex“

P67 Schmitt O., Schwanke S., Eipert P., Lessmann F., Russ F., Karnitzki A., Morawska P. Rostock
„Connectomics of the rat thalamus“

P68 Wollbaum E., Maximov M., Gebhart V., Rodewald A., Jirikowski G. Jena
„The human vomero nasal organ is an estrogen target“

P69 Rietsche M., Smilović D., Fellenz M., Jungenitz T., Schwarzacher S. W., Paul M., Vlachos A., Vukšić M., Del Turco D., Deller T. Frankfurt and Freiburg, Zagreb (Croatia)
„Spine density of dentate granule cells is independent of expression levels of actinmodulating protein Synaptopodin“

P70 Ranjbar Taklimie F., Gasterich N., Beissel M., Scheld M., Clarner T., Zendedel A., Beyer C. Aachen
„The role of lipocalin 2 in brain diseases“

P71 Zendedel A., Clarner T., Ranjbar Taklimie F., Beyer C. Aachen
„Combined effects of Schwann cells and 17β-estradiol in a spinal cord injury model“

P72 Gasterich N., Ranjbar Taklimie F., Beissel M., Wetz S., Scheld M., Zendedel A., Weiskirchen R., Beyer C., Clarner T. Aachen
„Lipocalin 2 as a regulator of astrocyte reactivity and neuroinflammation“

P73 Antipova V., Wree A., Holzmann C., Mann T., Palomero-Gallagher N., Zilles K., Schmitt O., Hawlitschka A. Rostock and Juelich, Graz (Austria)
„Unilateral Botulinum neurotoxin-A injection into the caudate-putamen of C57BL/6 mice leads to a different motor behavior compared to rats“

P74 Horn H., Böhme B., Koch M. Leipzig
„Endocannabinoid actions at hypothalamic AgRP/NPY neurons“

P75 Gottswinter K., Storsberg S., Stryjek R., Kröber A., Modlińska K., Fendt M., Roskoden T. Magdeburg, Warsaw (Poland)
„Innate fear response in wild and laboratory rats - behavioral and neuroanatomical differences“

P76 Pfeil U., Mermer P., Kummer W. Giessen
„Noradrenergic innervation of mouse urinary bladder“

P77 Antipova V., Wree A., Hawlitschka A., Holzmann C. Rostock, Graz (Austria)
„Evaluation of non-motor symptoms of BoNT-A treatment in hemiparkinsonian rats“

P78 Leiter I., von Hövel F., Grothe C. Hannover
„Quantitative morphology of mesencephalic dopaminergic progenitor cells in fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) isoform-specific knockout mouse embryos“

P79 Hagemann L., Hartmann D., Zoons A., Rau B. Bonn
„PSEN1 / gamma-secretase plays a key role in the initial migration and (dendritic) differentiation of Cajal-Retzius cells“

P80 Horn-Bochtler A., Horng A., Dombi A., Buresch N., Messoudi A., Härtig W. Munich, Recklinghausen and Leipzig
„Functional cell groups and transmitter inputs in the abducens nucleus in human“

P81 Gläser A., Meyer A., Bräuer A. U., Wree A., Strotmann J., Rolfs A., Witt M. Oldenburg and Rostock
„Olfactory performance as an indicator for protective treatment effects in an animal model of neurodegeneration“

P82 Atanasova-Dimitrova D., Dimitrov N., Lazarov N. Sofia and Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)
„Еnhanced expression of components of the neurotrophin signaling system in the hypertensive carotid body“

P83 Jungenitz T., Beining M., Radic T., Mongiat L. A., Cuntz H., Deller T., Jedlicka P., Schwarzacher S. W. Frankfurt am Main and Giessen, San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina)
„Gradual development of dendritic and synaptic plasticity in adult newborn granule cells“


P84 Johann S., Lehmann S., Esch E., Hartmann P., Goswami A., Nikolin S., Weis J., Beyer C. Düsseldorf and Aachen
„Expression profile of pattern recognition receptors in skeletal muscle of ALS mice and sporadic ALS patients“

P85 Schröder N., Weiler-Tersch L., Schaffrath A., Welter J., Griep A., Heneka M., Pufe T., Brandenburg L.-O. Aachen an Bonn
„Inhibition of formyl peptide receptors activity reduced Aβ1-42 induced neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease“

P86 Semikasev E., Ahlemeyer B., Schänzer A., Rodenberg-Frank A., Acker T., Baumgart-Vogt E. Giessen
„Are peroxisomes involved in Alzheimer´s disease pathogenesis?“

P87 Ahlemeyer B., Halupczok S., Rodenberg-Frank A., Valerius K.-P., Baumgart-Vogt E. Giessen
„Of old mice and men - what do their brains have in common?“

P88 Riedler P., Reinbach C., Nedelcu J., Kipp M. Munich
„Laquinimod is protective in a novel multiple sclerosis animal model“

P89 Rühling S., Kipp M., Hochstrasser T. Munich
„Vesicular glutamate transporter 1 is a reliable marker for axonal damage“

P90 Ostertag D., Rennet M., Behrangi N., Kipp M. Munich
„CPI17 regulates oligodendrocyte degeneration“

P91 Atanasova-Dimitrova D., Tchekalarova J., Kortenska L., Shishmanova-Doseva M., Marinov P., Dandov A., Kirov T., Lazarov N. Sofia and Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)
„Study on the treatment effect of agomelatine in kainate-induced status epilepticus in a model of temporal lobe epilepsy“

P92 Leopold P., Nyamoya S., Kipp M. Munich and Aachen
„Demyelination, but not inflammation triggers oligodendrocyte progenitor activation“

P93 Stein J., Theiss C., Matschke V. Bochum
„Characterisation of the mitochondria in the cervical spinal cord of the wobbler mouse“

P94 Junghans M., Matschke J., Theiss C., Matschke V. Bochum and Essen
„ROS-Scavenging-Defects in motor neuron of wobbler mice as a possible explanation for oxidative stress in sALS“

P95 Gerdinand K., Wree A., Kasper M., Frank M., Witt M. Rostock and Dresden
„Pulmonary homeostasis is affected in Niemann-Pick Disease Type C1“

P96 Joost S., Tasler M., Wree A.,Haas S. J.-P. Rostock
„Induction of dopaminergic degeneration in organotypic slice cultures“

P97 Walter L. M., Rademacher S., Lindner R., Hensel N., Claus P. Hannover
„Altered phosphorylation of profilin2 is a key factor of changed actin dynamics in Spinal Muscular Atrophy“

P98 Greb C., Rademacher S., Hensel N., Claus P. Hannover
„Cleavage of the guidance receptor PlexinD1 in Spinal Muscular Atrophy“

P99 Sakr F., Grothe M., Bräuer A., Teipel S. Rostock and Oldenburg
„Exploring patho-mechanistic targets of Alzheimer’s disease in its initial stages“

P100 Schüning T., Detering N. T., Hensel N., Claus P. Hannover
„Cell biology of post-translational modifications of the survival of motoneuron (SMN) protein“

P101 Mann T., Krause B. J., Hawlitschka A., Stenzel J., Lindner T., Polei S., Hohn A., Wree A., Kurth J. Rostock
„[18F]FDG-PET/CT imaging in an animal model of Parkinson’s disease“

P102 Kubinski S., Klemke L., Müller C., Hensel N., Claus P. Hannover
„Survival of Motoneuron (SMN) does not localize to stress granules but regulates their formation“

P103 Langenhagen A., Schreiner D., Grothe C. Hannover
„Role of fibroblast growth factor 2 on the development of dopaminergic neuronal subpopulations“

P104 Hilse S. M., Zoons A., Rau B., Hartmann D. Bonn
„Presenilin-associated rhomboid-like protease PARL is crucial for the postnatal maintenance of oligodendrocytes and neurons“

P105 Deimling B., Zoons A., Rau B., Hartmann D. Bonn
„Deficiency for the mitochondrial rhomboid protease PARL causes an adult-onset photoreceptor degeneration in mice“

P106 Gantenbein K. V., Mitter S. A., Kipp M. Munich
„Expression of immunologically relevant genes in multiple sclerosis animal models“

P107 Stadler M.-S., Reinbach C., Kipp M., Hochstrasser T. Munich
„The immunregulatory gene CD44 is expressed by glia cells in a model of toxic demyelination“

P108 Yakimov V., Schweiger F., Kipp M. Munich
„Motor deficits in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis are ameliorated by copper chelation“

P109 Kleine J., Ebrahimi F., Hohmann T., Ghadban C., Grabiec U., Dehghani F. Halle (Saale)
„The influence of purine metabolism on excitotoxic neuronal injury“

P110 Salahoru P., Hinganu M., Grigorescu C. Iasi (Romania)
„Hidden clinical anatomy and imunology of Myasthenia Gravis“

P111 Vogelaar C. F. Mainz
„Glial cells transfer ribosomes to axons in response to nerve injury“

P112 Theis V., Wach F., Eickhoff A., Theiss C. Bochum
„Modulation of neuronal plasticity in response to sexual hormones“

P113 Rink S., Wöhler A., Arnold D., Manthou M., Papamitsou T., Sarikcioglu L., Angelov D. Cologne and Koblenz, Thessaloniki (Greece), Antalya (Turkey)
„Modulation of the proteoglycan receptor PTPσ improves recovery after compressive spinal cord injury (SCI) in rats“

P114 Hamscha U. M., Tinhofer I., Heber S., Grisold W., Weninger W. J., Meng S. Vienna (Austria)
„US-guided perineural injection in ulnar neuropathy at the elbow“

P115 Detering N. T., Rademacher S., Wefel I.-M., Hensel N. Hannover
„Modulation of the phosphorylation state of the survival of motoneuron (SMN) protein: Impact on intracellular localization and stability“

P116 Wolniczak E., Schumann S., Roskoden T., Windhorst S., Schmeisser M.J. Magdeburg and Hamburg
„The functional role of Itpka in the pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorder“

P117 Reuss B. Göttingen
„Interactions of an antiserum to Streptococcus mutans with paralemmin1 correlates to reduced neurite length and impaired acetylcholine dependent calcium transients in SiMa neuroblastoma cells"


Reproductive Biology

P118 Pavlova E., Lakova E., Yochkova S., Donchev M., Popovska S., Svechnikov K., Atanassova N. Sofia and Pleven (Bulgaria), Stockholm (Sweden)
„Experimentally induced Diabetes Melitus and obesity in rat affect steroidogenic capacity and cell populations in the testis“

P119 Stadler B., Beyer D., Wagenlehner F., Exintaris B., Middendorff R. Giessen, Melbourne (Australia)
„Prostatic ducts vs glands and what oxytocin has to say about it“

P120 Beyer D., Hau T., Mietens A., Middendorff R. Giessen
„Functionally relevant connective tissue septa of the epididymis already exist before the first sperm reach the epididymis“

Tissue Engineering

P121 Dietzmeyer N., Rochkind S., Almog M., Nevo Z., Haastert-Talini K. Hannover, Tel Aviv (Israel)
„In vitro and in vivo evaluation of Guiding Regenerative Gel (GRG) as a three-dimensional matrix filler for advanced peripheral nerve guides“

P122 Grom K., Elashry M. I., Wenisch S., Arnhold S. Giessen, Mansoura (Egypt)
„Characterisation of the myogenic capacity of ovine muscle-derived stem cells (MDSCs) isolated from different muscle groups“

P123 Öner A., Mommsen A., Pruss A., Ince H., Dohmen P. Rostock and Berlin
„Long-term clinical results using a tissue-engineered pulmonary valve during the Ross procedure“