AG Neuroproteomics/Connectomics

Study group

Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Schmitt
Dr. Peter Eipert
Dr. Michael Wille
Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Schwanke
Antje Schümann
Christian Nitzsche


The differential expression of proteins of cortical and sucortical regions are investigated by 2D-gelelectrophoresis and MS-identification. The analysis is performed over major points of postnatal (pp) development: 0-10 days pp, 14-21 days pp, 40 days pp and > 40 days pp. The differential expression of proteins from time step to time step should provide information of those proteins which are important for the differentiation of neuronal progenitor cells and the patterns of proteins of their exratracellular niches.


The connectome of the rat nervous system consists of connections between regions of the central and peripheral nervous system. Regions are considered at different levels of resolution down to particular populations of neurons and individual types of neurons. The connectome is characterized at different scales with regard to graph theoretical measures (neuroVIISAS, The connections are availbale in a database ( and we are continously developing new methods of visualization high dimensional data (visual analytics). The connectome is embeded in a neuroontology and fully linked with the all tract tracing reports of the rat nervous system. The connectome data can directly applied to computational neuroscience for population based simulation of the simulation engine NEST.

Publications (since 2010)

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• Prof. Dr. Michael O. Glocker, Proteome Center Rostock
• Prof. Dr. Jan Modersitzki, Institute of Mathematics and Image Computing, Lübeck

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